This document should guide an Organisation Adminstrator through the processes to administer an organisation account within Gigi.

The structure of the document is according how to obtain the precondtions needed to act as Organisation Adminstrator and the workflow to adminster an organisation account.

The documentation is based on the software release 0.1-63-g15f6a8ad.

This documentation covers only the needs of an Organisation RA Agent. All elements used by an ordinary user a covered in the documentation "Gigi User Documentation". There are separate documentations for users with the role RA Agent, Org RA Agent and Supporter.

Definition Organisation Adminstrator

An Organisation Adminstrator (Org Admin) is a normal RA Agent who is enpowered to act as adminsitrator to an organisation account.

Two levels of Organisation Administartors are available:

  • Org Admin - can verify the domains and issue certificates
  • Master Org Admin - can additionally add or remove Org Admins

Precondition To Act As Org Admin

An Org Admin must meet the precondition of a normal RA Agent. Additional to that he needs to be trained to verify organisations. This current knowledge needs to be proofed by passing the Organisation Administrator Data Protection Challenge on the Quiz-System.

The last success full passed test needs to be no older then 12 months.

The Org Admin is appointed by the exceutive represantive of the organisation. An Organisation RA Agent or an Organisation Adminstrator of the organsiation will grant the approbribate rights.

Get Org Admin Rights

To act as Org Admin a change to the organisation account is needed. An Org Admin has an addional menue entry to get access to organisation account.

Screenshot Organisation Admin menue

Screenshot Organisation Admin menue

They can either see a list of organisation to which they have been appointed as Org Admin or to switch to an organsiation account.

View Organisation

After View organisation is used a list of organisation accounts is displayed.

Screenshot View organisation list

Screenshot View organisation list

By clicking onto the organisation link the list of all Org Admins for the organisation is given.

Screenshot View Organisation Administrator

Screenshot View Organisation Administrator

Switch To Organsiation

There are two ways to switch to an organsiation account.

Switch Via Organisation Admin Menue

After Switch to Organsiation is used a list of organisation is displayed.

Screenshot Switch to Organisation list

Screenshot Switch to Organisation list

Use the button Switch to this organsiation to get access to the organsiation account.

After the switch all tasks as Org Admin can be done. This is displayed with a change of the login status on the right hand top corner of the website.

Screenshot Login status

Screenshot Login status

To switch back to the personal account use Switch to Organisation from the Organsiation Admin menue.

Screenshot Switch to personal account

Screenshot Switch to personal account

Now Switch back to personal context is used.

Switch Via My Account

The switch to an organsiation account and back can also be done over the way My Account - My Details. At the and of the page the swicht can be made.

Verify Domain

A domain to an organsiationa ccount can only be entered to the account through an Organisation RA Agent.

An Org Admin needs to verify the domain to prove that the domain is still controlled from the organsiation.

All listed domains can be viewed with Verification - Domains

Screenshot List of Domains

Screenshot List of Domains

The verification of a domains is done as discribed in the "Gigi User Documentation".

Issue Certificate

A precondition to issue certificate in an organsiation account is dthat the top level domain of the email address is a verifed domain.

The Org Admin MUST verify the identity of a person a certificate is used for. They MUST keep a record of the identity proof.

The general process of creating a certificate is discribed in the "Gigi User Documentation".

Screenshot Create certificate

Screenshot Create certificate

The only difference is in the available key types and the use of names.

For a personal certificate any name can be entered. The Org Admin MUST be sure about the identity of the person.

Screenshot Choose certifcate profile

Screenshot Choose certifcate profile

Select the appropriate key type according to the needs:

Key type Description

ssl-client (orga)

Used for authentication and login

mail (orga)

Used to sign and encrypt documents and emails

ssl-client + mail (orga)

Used for authentication & login and sign & encrypt documents & emails

ssl-server (orga)

Used for SSL/TLS encryption on servers

codesign (orga)

Used for signing code, only available with code signing ability

Remove Certificate

A cerificate can be removed as discribed in the "Gigi User Documentation".

Adding Or Removing Org Admin

There are two ways to add or remove an Org Admin of an organisation acount.

  • An Organisation RA Agent can grant and remove access rights
  • A Master Org Admin can grant and remove access rights
Screenshot View Organisation Administrator

Screenshot View Organisation Administrator

Add Org Admin

Add the preferred email address to the personal account of the designated Org Admin to the field. With the checkbox master a Mast org Admin is defined. With Add the Org Admin is added to the organisation account.

If the entered email address points to an account who has not the needed precondition, fullfil requirements to be an RA Agent, the request will be rejected and error messages will be displayed.

Remove Org Admin

To remove an Org Admin from an organsiation account use the "X" Button.

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