This document should guide a RA Agent through the process to verify an user of Gigi.

The structure of the document is according how to obtain the precondtions needed to act as RA Agent and the workflow of verifying an user.

The documentation is based on the software release 0.1-63-g15f6a8ad.

This documentation covers only the needs of a RA Agent. All elements used by an ordinary user a covered in the documentation "Gigi User Documentation". There are separate documentations for users with the role Organisation Agent and Supporter.

Definition RA Agent

A RA Agent is a person who verifies the identity of an user who obtains an account in a Gigi system. He is responsible that all data that is checked is reliable and the documenta presented trustworthy.

The RA Agent will be trained and his knowledge of the verification process is tested at least one a year.

Preconditions To Act As RA Agent

All listed preconditions needs to be fulfilled before a RA Agent is able to enter a verification into the Gigi system.

If at least one is missing he needs to meet it again to gain access to the verification area of Gigi.

Verification Points

A RA Agents need at least an assignment of 100 VP (Verification Points) granted by three different persons. One of these assignments needs to be a grant in a F2F (Face to Face) meeting.

The last verification must be taken within the last 3 years.

Passing Test

An RA Agent needs to proof his knowlegde of the current verification by passing the Agent Qualifying Challenge on the Quiz-System.

The last success full passed test needs to be no older then 12 months.

All successful test results can be viewed by the RA Agent once he is logged into his Gigi Account under My Account - Trainings.

Signing RA Agent Contract

(Currently not applicable)

The RA Agent needs to sign the "RA Agent Contract" to ensure the legal binding of a given verification.

Verification Of Gigi User

A verification of a Gigi user consists out of two steps.

The first step is the F2F meeting with the Gigi user where the RA Agent meets the Gigi User in person to check the given documents with the data that should be recorded on the verification form.

The seconds step is entering the data recorded on the verification form into Gigi. This step needs to be completed within 3 month after the F2F meeting.

Face-To-Face Meeting

Verification Form

There is no need to have a printed version of the verification form but is advised to use current form created through Gigi. (Currently the form is not available).

But the form needs to constist of the following 10 topics

Applicant data

Email Address

The given email address on the form must be the default email address of the applicant Gigi account. If the applicant is unsure more email addresses can be listed.

The email address should only be used to enter the verification data to Gigi or to get in contact with the applicant in case of questions or matters related to the verification.

Date Of Birth

The date of birth of the applicant. If the documents show different birth dates, what should not be but real life shows thes cases occasionly, note all variation related to the documents.

It is advised to record any date data in the iso form YYYY-MM-DD.

Names To be verified

An applicant can apply for more than one name variant. For each name variant the document that proofs the existance needs to be listed on the Verification Form. The documents needs to be official govemental issued photo ID documents. The name parts of the applicant needs to given in the document. The order of the name parts do not need to be in the same order in the document and the Verification Form.

There will be a list of acceptable documnets in the future.


The applicant presents 3 documents, passport with name John William Smith, ID card with John W. Smith, driver license with John Smith.

The following shows what name variants can be verified:

  • John William Smith, proofed by passport only
  • John W. Smith, proofed by passport and ID card
  • William Smith, proofed by passport only
  • Ted Smith, cannot be verified as no document shows Ted

Statement To Get Verified / Accept Data Handling

The RA Agent should point out to the applicant, that data recorded is only used to process the verification and with signing of the Verifcation form is accepted.

The Verification Form will be stored by the RA Agent for 3 years following the year of the entering the verification to Gigi in a secure manner. After that time period it will be destroyed in a secure manner.

Signature Of Applicant

The applicant needs to sign the form in presens of the RA Agent to make sure that the form is signed by the applicant personally.

RA Agent Data

List Of Documents Proofing Names

The RA Agent should create a list of all presented documents.

It is NOT allowed to take any photos or photo copies of the documents or tor record the ID number of the document.

The following data of a document should be recorded: type of document, issuing country. Additional the issuing date of the document should be recorded.

In case of unsureness you can sketch important features of the document.


The RA Agent notes the location where the meeting took place. The place and country is required. For statiscs only the country data will be used.

Granted Verification Points

The RA Agent notes the granted Verification Points.

Date Of Entering The Verification

The RA Agent notes the date of entering the verification into Gigi. This date is used to calculate the time period of keeping the Verification Form.

Signature of RA Agent

The RA Agent signs the Verification Form to ensure that he condicted the verification according to the current requirements.

Entering Verification Into Gigi

Start Entering Verification

To start entering the verification to Gigi use Verification - Verify Someone.

Screenshot Verify someone menue

Screenshot Verify someone menue

The next steps is to fill in the default email address of the applicant account and the date of birth.

Screenshot Verify someone enter applicant data

Screenshot Verify someone enter applicant data

Continue with next.

Enter Verification

Screenshot Verify someone check names

Screenshot Verify someone check names

Check Names

According to the example above the folling name variants should be verified: * John William Smith, proofed by passport only * John W. Smith, proofed by passport and ID card * William Smith, proofed by passport only * Ted Smith, cannot be verified as no document shows Ted * John Smith, should not be verified as the name variant is not on the Verification Form.

Check Date Of Birth

Assure that the date of birth is correct acording to the Verification Form. If not cancel the verification process.

Screenshot Verify someone check names

Screenshot Verify someone check names

Statement Personal Meeting

Check the statement that RA Agent meet the applicant in person.

Enter Location

Enter County and Location of the Meeting.

Enter Meeting Date

Enter the Meeting Date.

Verification Statement

Check the two verification statements about the correctness of the verification and that the verification was conducted according the currrent rules and requirements.

Verification Points

Enter the Verification Points granted for the ticked name variants.

Finish Verification

Use "I confirm the verification" to finish the verification. RA Agent enters Verification Points and date of entering to System to teh form and signs it.

Multiple Verification Of Same Gigi User

It is allowed to verify the same applicant multiple times. The only precondition is that there must be a time difference of at least 3 month between both verifications.

The Verification Points granted in the last entered verification will be counted for the total of Verification Points.

Nucleus RA Agent

There are some special trained RA Agent who can grant on special occasions 35 VP plus 15 temporary VP. The temporary VP are valid for 1 month after entering the verification to the system.

This is process is used for nucleus events to get the chance to grant 100 VP to RA Agent candidates with only two RA Agent present. The RA Agent candidates should take the chance to gether at least 30 VP from alt least three other RA Agent candidates during the nucleus event.

Reset Password With Verification

A RA Agent can conduct a Reset Password With Verification. This process is a normal verification with a small additional feature. The Applicant and the RA Agent exchange a secret "A-Word" during the verification meeting.

While entering the verification into Gigi the RA Agents add the "A-Word" at the end of the form.

Screenshot Verify someone password reset

Screenshot Verify someone password reset

Once the verification is finished the system sends an email to the applicant containing a link to a password reset page. On this page the "A-Word" and a new passpword is entered by the applicant.

Screenshot Verify someone password reset

Screenshot Verify someone password reset

The link is valid for 96 hours after entering the verification to the system.

Storing Of Verification Form

The verification needs to be stored in a secure manner for 3 years after the year when the verification was entered to the system.

During this timeperiod the data must not be disclosed to anybody except a SomeCA Arbitrator in case of an running arbitration case. In this case the SomeCA Arbitrator needs to proof his right to get access to the data.

After the 3 years period needs to be destroyed in a secure manner e.g. using a paper shredder and/or burning the form.

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