Motion System of WPIA

WPIA (World Privacy and Identity Association has developed an online ballot system that is currently used for all ballots within the association.

The software is published under AGPL v3 License. This means that it is open source and available to everyone for free. You may fiund the source code for download at [;a=summary] (;a=summary).

The software can be configured relatively flexibly and requires a web server with Python and PostgreSQL to operate and can then be started immediately.

The following areas can be configured: * the runtime of a ballot in days e.g. 3, 5 and 14 days * different topics within a voting system e.g. Board, committee * access rights

A flexible rights structure can control who should have which access to the voting system.

Access can be granted as follows: * no access * read-only access * entitled to vote * entitled to create a ballot * entitled to revoke a ballot e.g. because the textual proposal is not correct, in such a case all votes are deleted. * Access to who voted and how * Granting the above rights only for one subject area.

WPIA recommends logging in with a certificate in order to clearly identify the identity of the person who wants to access the system and to assign the appropriate rights.

At the moment only a roll call vote is available.

An open test system is available under [] ( As this is an open test system, the WPIA reserves the right to reset individual votes or the entire database.

WPIA is currently working on the following extensions: * secret voting, in which the relation of the voting result to the person is not saved at all and the participation of a person in a voting is removed after completion of this voting. * Possibility to appoint a proxy for a vote. * Possibility to complete an ongoing vote, e.g. a vote is created during a committee meeting and concluded after a 10-minute term. I.e. then no further votes can be cast.

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